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For over two decades, I have devoted my life to serving the elderly, whom I hold in high regard. They are valuable, good teachers, comedians, and people who bring so much joy to the world. Therefore, they should not be forgotten.

I am a curious person by nature, so I found working with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia intriguing. It brought new learning opportunities, challenges to overcome, personal growth, creative thinking, and creative communication exercises.

I am proud to say as a student, I embraced flexibility and willingness to continually learn. I’ve brought calmness, peace, and love to the lives of those who live in a world of confusion, uncertainty, and moments when they’re afraid.

My journey with the elderly has heightened my appreciation for the smallest things. I purposely choose an attitude of gratitude and treasure the countless blessings and memories each day brings. It has allowed me to live a more fulfilled life.

I have been successful in helping the elderly resolve issues with viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, stress, anxiety, urinary tract infections, cough, allergy-related symptoms, and lack of energy, just to name a few, by utilizing BioResonance Therapy.

I look forward to walking the wellness journey with people of all ages, from babies to those that are nearly a century old.

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