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Body Scans + Therapy

  • Body Fingerprint
  • Check-Up Test
  • Detailed Test & Harmonizing Program

In-Home Therapy

  • Time Efficient – Treat While You Sleep!
  • Reduced Price on Body Scan
  • Longer & More Frequent Therapy

In-Office Therapy

  • Maximum of Two-Hour Sessions
  • Recommended Two Sessions Per Week

Group Therapy

  • Introduction to the Experience First Hand
  • Seasonal Therapy Sessions Offered

Specialized Testing

  • Efficacy of Vitamins Consumed

Oxygen Bar Session

  • In-House Only
  • Rent Our Staff & Oxygen Bar for Your Wedding or Special Event

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“I would highly recommend LaVonda’s Frequency Therapy overall, it was a great and new experience. I saw a lot of improvement in my brother Felix Gutierrez’s quality of life. My brother Felix was very ill. He was unable to walk initially. After every session, I noticed improvements. He gradually began to walk. He was able to move around and do more things. He regained muscle strength and became less dependent on me and others. Frequency Therapy requires dedication and time, but it is well worth it. I want to thank Lavonda for her kindness, time, and dedication. She was very professional, and my brother and I became good friends with her on a personal level. She is a kind and helpful person. I hope more and more people become aware of this therapy because I know it would really help a lot of people.”

- Vicky Ramos

At age 63, I was introduced to frequency therapy. I was skeptical. I wasn’t consistent in my therapy at the onset. It wasn’t until February of 2022, after having Covid months prior, that I decided to open my mind up to the possibilities and committed to a six-month home treatment plan. The home treatment plan offered flexibility. It made it easy; I would go for testing every four weeks, then come home with a new program to run. I purchased a blanket detector and rented a device that would read a programmed card that held a variety of specific frequencies customized for me and what my body needed to self-heal.

All I had to do was lay on the blanket detector, plug one end of a cord into the blanket, the other into the basic device, insert the programmed card that contained my customized therapy, pull the card out, press the start button, and relax. I found that doing this while I was sleeping was easiest. Then I started running special energy programs during the day to give my body a boost. I don’t often feel anything, maybe a little tingling from time to time.

There is no electrical charge involved. The basic device runs off battery power. I charge it after each use. It can run for 8 hours in one setting. The blanket, by design, has metal mesh wires running through it that carry the frequencies from my head to my feet.

Six months later, I’m seeing these benefits:

  • Back pain on a scale of one to ten is now a one, used to be a six
  • The gout pain that I experienced for three months is gone
  • The osteoarthritis in my knee after an MRI showing the formation of a bone spur and diminished cushion in my knees; after physical therapy for muscle strengthening and frequency therapy, my pain level has gone from a six to a two or three
  • My acid reflux symptoms have diminished so much that I seldom take a Protonix
  • My annoying pinhead wart has disappeared
  • I feel better, and I have more energy
- Karen S.

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